• I typically work from image scans or photographs, or from a 45-min live sitting/setting with the subject, then taking a photograph of the exact pose in order to continue and complete the work.
    • I can also be commissioned to produce an artwork similar to one I've already created...ex. in a different medium, size, color palette, etc.
    • If there is a special event you’d like to capture the momentary essence of, I would bring my camera and sketchbook to create the future artwork. There would be an additional charge for this option.
  • Once you've purchased your desired commission, I provide my standard agreement, along with the timeframe necessary to complete.
    • Depending on the size, most commissions can be delivered within 3 months’ time. However, I will furnish an delivery estimate based upon assessing a reasonable timeframe deemed necessary. While I respect my commitment to your quoted/projected delivery date, please understand that there may be instances where a slight cushion on the deadline is required if, in my rushing to complete the artwork, might compromise its full authentic expression. This is important to be aware of for a special occasion (anniversary, birthday, or holiday gift) so please allow at least two full weeks for completion and delivery ahead of this date.
    • I photo-document throughout, and share them either upon completion of the work, or during the process. I find some like to be surprised to see this at the finished outcome, while others enjoy following along the work in process and progress.

    click here for commission examples and pricing